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Widest Roman Prime

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One of my favorite joke Twitter accounts is @wacnt. It tweets things Wolfram|Alpha can’t answer. I’ve asked Facebook M to figure out a few of them and it did.widest prime less than 4000 when written as a Roman numeral in Times New Roman Continue reading →

What Color Is It

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One of my coworkers shared What Colour Is It in our design Slack channel the other day. It works by taking the current time as 6 digits and making that a hex color. For example, in the header it's #172952. That's 5:29pm and 52 seconds. Kinda neat. I thought it was super cool so I decided to make it a screensaver. Continue reading →


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Today, we open sourced a framework for iOS we've been using a ton internally called Static. It's a Swift 2 framework for working with static table views. We use it to power tons of screens in an upcoming project. It's also made prototyping table view-based things super productive. Continue reading →

Git + Redis Backed Blog

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I switched back to the old blog I was using before Roon (this blogging platform I used to run). Right before Roon, I had all of these fun ideas for the nerdy blogging platform that I wanted. Continue reading →