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Network Testing in Swift with DVR

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Networking testing is hard. There’s a few approaches. The most common I’ve seen is stubbing requests. OCMock is a common approach.This kind of testing is really similar to what you get with mocks, but it’s so much better. Mocks are inherently fragile. You have to couple your testing code with the implementation details of your test. Continue reading →


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I sat down to work on Whiskey the other day and go super side tracked. I have this new master plan to greatly improve Whiskey's markdown parsing, but it's a lot of work so I started procrastiworking. I noticed some bugs in SyntaxKit, what I wrote so Whiskey can do code coloring for things other than Markdown, and decided to start fixing them. Because I was procrastiworking, the logical first step was to rewrite it in Swift 2 :) Continue reading →

Redacted for Mac Launch

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Yesterday, Redacted for Mac hit the App Store. It's this little app I've been working on here and there to quickly hide parts of an image. Here's a one minute video demo if you want the quick rundown. Continue reading →